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Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Value Added Program by J. Rick Lawn

J. Rick creates beautiful lawns with expertise

Spend more time enjoying your lawn!

Our Lawn Care Program will allow you to spend more time enjoying your lawn, rather than working in it! At J. Rick, we research and purchase products that are best for soils and weather conditions in the Colorado Springs area. Our granular fertilizer are purchased and blended in the state of Colorado. We used different blends of fertilizer per seasonal needs of turfgrass.

We always use balanced fertilizers with the correct amounts of Macro and Micro-Nutrients plus elements of controlled release nitrogen to slow feed turf and minimize any potential for burn.We also include pre and post emergent weed control in our lawn care program. We will spray according to the needs of the turf, depending on the amount of weeds, broadcast and spot spraying applications will be provided. Per request, we will provide free follow-up visits for weed control when necessary.

This program contains six applications throughout the growing season, usually starting in March/April ending in October/November depending on your location in the Colorado Springs area.

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