Lawn or grass mite damage usually relates to a dry winter and/or spring; from December through May.

Areas of your lawn will be brown and straw-like in appearance when mites are present. Unfortunately, these areas will not be visible until your lawn comes out of dormancy in early spring. Damage can be nothing more than thinning, which will recover if conditions promote turf growth.

How to Prevent Lawn Mites

The best way to prevent lawn mites is winter watering.  Mites cannot tolerate moist conditions, watering your lawn during dry spells will help keep mites at bay. Timing is important when you start watering your lawn during the winter. Water only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees F. Apply water at mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night. Pay special attention to slopes and south or west facing areas. These areas tend to dry out first and will be susceptible to mite damage.