Even though we tend to take the lawn for granted, it is plant life that serves a purpose and needs our attention. Just 55 sq. ft. of lawn provides enough oxygen for one person to breathe all day long.

Lawns keep our environment cooler and enjoyable throughout the summer. Fall, however, is when we need to love our lawns a little longer into the final throes of the growing season. Now, it’s our turn to pay our lawns back with late-season TLC.

Here’s TLC your lawn will love:

  • Reduce weekly maintenance. Cut down on watering and mow less frequently. Cooler nights combined with fewer hours of daylight slow lawn growth considerably and make it less thirsty.
  • Do a late fall fertilizer application. The fall application will help the lawn make a stronger come-back next spring.
  • Get after the weeds. As with fertilization, what you do to fight the weed battle now will pay off next season with fewer weeds at startup. Remember, weed control applies not only to the lawn, but also to bed areas.
  • Edge the lawn with the final mowing. It’s not time yet, but when you mow the last time of the season, make that the time you also edge the lawn. That edging will provide a neat, clean appearance that lasts throughout the winter.
  • Schedule irrigation system winterization well before a freeze. Better to winterize early than have your lawn dug up next spring to repair broken pipes!

Consistent plant care is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn just as it is for other plants. Weeds often result from too little or irregular watering and turf diseases also result from over-watering.

Proper watering and consistent cultural practices like fertilization and aeration go a long way to reduce turf weeds and disease. These preventive measures reduce the need for pesticides, herbicides and other treatments for your lawn because healthy plants will be more insect and disease resistant.

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