We have had unseasonably warm and dry temperatures over the past few months. October had many record breaking temperatures and virtually no moisture, which has put us into somewhat of a drought and may leave you searching for winter watering recommendations.

Since most homeowners have winterized their sprinkler systems, it is important that we notify you of the negative impacts the lack of water and warm temperatures can have on your landscape. Since soil temperatures have not cooled down as much as they normally would at this time of the year, most root systems are still active. This means your lawn, tree, and plant roots still require water. This is especially the case on the sunny exposures, your south and west facing areas. Roots develop in the fall, storing up water and nutrients for the winter months and the following spring. If roots systems do not get adequate water, there is a possibility for winter desiccation, which can cause death in trees, lawns, and plants.


We recommend watering at least once per week in these conditions to prevent damage next spring. Once landscapes are truly dormant, try to water once or twice per month with a hose on days above 50 degrees. It is extremely important to water Evergreen trees at this time of year, especially newer trees. We do offer a monthly deep root watering service for trees in the winter months, contact us if you are interested.

The best thing you can do right now is have a hose sprinkler ready to water you landscape on warm days. The combination of record high temperatures and very little moisture in the month of October cause death in your landscape if water is not supplemented at this time.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding watering at this time of year.