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J. Rick's aeration promotes a healthy root sytem

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Promoting Healthy Root Development

Aeration is a very important practice for Colorado Springs’ lawns. The process of pulling soil cores out of the ground allows more air, water, and nutrients into the root zone of lawns at the essential time of development. J. Rick Lawn & Tree recommends aerating in the Spring and Fall since these are the two most crucial times for root development. Remember, healthy roots will determine the overall health of your entire lawn.

Disease Control

J Rick offers several solutions to control and cure common lawn diseases.

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Poor Soils can Cause Problems

Due to our poor soils in Colorado Springs, many lawns will develop a fungus called Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS). This fungus will thrive in areas with poor drainage. Fertilization, mowing practices, watering practices, aeration, fungicides, and seeding are all very important factors in getting rid of Necrotic Ring Spot. Feel in control of your lawn with our experts in management of Necrotic Ring Spot.

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J Rick's Balanced Fertility Program is the key supplement

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Balanced Fertility Program – The key supplement

Soils in the Colorado Springs area lack many essential nutrients needed to grow grass. A balanced fertility program is necessary to supplement the lack of nutrients in our soils. J. Rick Lawn & Tree uses locally blended products that are chosen specifically for Colorado Springs soils and weather conditions. Our fertilizer products are controlled release to mitigate any potential for burn and give your lawn a consistent feeding for up to 6 weeks! Our fertilization program consists of six applications starting in March/April and ending Late October/November.

Insect Control

J. Rick can control nearly any type of insect or pest.

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Effective Solutions for Controlling Insects

The biggest insect problem we see in Colorado Springs lawns is Mite damage that occur between late fall and early spring. These insects typically populate in times when there is little to no precipitation and irrigation has been turned off. The most susceptible areas are South and West facing slopes. It is highly recommend that you hose water these areas during winter months. If you are not able to do so, J. Rick Lawn & Tree can spray an insecticide to ensure there is not damage and/or death in the lawn when it greens up in the spring.

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Due to the dry conditions in Colorado Springs, insects typically are not a large problem during the growing seasons. However, there are typically lawns that will get grubs during the summer months. Your lawn will pull up like carpet, or newly installed sod if this is the case. There are several treatments to get these types of insects under control.

Turf Damaging Insects


J. Rick's Seeding Service creates a stronger lawn.

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We only use the highest quality seeds

Due to our arid conditions in Colorado Springs, seeding is often necessary to repair areas of lawn that were damaged over the winter. Seeding works best when done after aeration and if there are large dead areas it may be necessary to add topsoil. J. Rick Lawn & Tree uses only the highest quality seed and will guarantee results as long as an irrigation audit is done before seeding.

Weed Control

J. Rick offers amazing weed protection and prevention

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Our Customers enjoy lush lawns (It keeps the weeds out)

The best defense against weeds is healthy turf. If your lawn is lush, there will not be room for weeds to grow. However, due to our weather conditions, weeds will populate at different times throughout the year. J. Rick Lawn & Tree will use Integrated Pest Management to identify the target weed and determine a solution using the right product for the right time of the year. We will only use pesticides on your lawn when it is necessary. J. Rick Lawn & Tree will also use a Pre-Emergent in the spring to prevent Crabgrass and other annual weeds. When you are on our program, we do guarantee our weed control and will offer FREE follow up visits if necessary.

Our bed area weed control will take care of those pesky weeds growing in your mulch and rock beds. We will spot sprays weeds and/or unwanted grasses so there will not be any damage to plant material. This service will save you hours of time, eliminating the need to pull weeds!