Bed Weed Control Program

Weed Control & Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Properties

Prevent weeds in garden beds

What's Included In A Bed Weed Control Program?

Scratch “pulling weeds” off your to do list each weekend and spend your time doing things you enjoy. We will maintain those pesky weeds growing in your mulch and rock beds. This service focuses on rock and mulch beds, not lawns. The locally blended products we use are safe for your pets and kids who will enjoy your healthy yard.

  • 5 applications for the entire season scheduled every 4-6 weeks beginning in April/May
  • Integrated Pest Management to help keep pests to a minimum.
  • Targeted Weed Spraying keep those pesky weeds out of your flower beds and mulch areas. We do guarantee our weed control and will offer free follow up visits if necessary.
  • Spot Spray Weeds and Unwanted Grass keep beds looking fresh and maintained.


6 Applications
Beginning April/May
(dependent on weather)

Each treatment is scheduled 30-45 days apart.

Please Call For Pricing.

Service Areas Include:





















Bed weed control program

 Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the weeds when they die?

Small, immature weeds will wither away/ disintegrate

We practice integrated pest management.  Our goal is to get the lawn thick, and healthy through good fertilization, watering, and cultural care.  A thick,  healthy lawn provides a natural defense against weeds, and lessens the need for herbicide.  Our goal as a company is to educate, and perform services that will require less pesticides over time.  We do not use ‘’combo’’ or ‘’liquid’’ fertilizers that require broadcasting pesticides if not needed.  We only broadcast spray pesticide if there is a large weed issue, but most applications are spot spraying if necessary.  Every property and customer has different needs, and expectations.

How long should i wait to mow my lawn after the weed control treatment?

We recommend waiting 24 hours after the treatment to mow your lawn. As long as the weed control has had time to dry and soak in, it is fine to mow

Are your weed control products organic?

Weed control products are US EPA regulated and used sparingly in a lush and healthy turf.

What our customers have to say

"Prices are affordable and they take care of all my weeds in my large yard for my duplex. Responsiveness is getting better after a few set backs but we are back on track during the transition from the business merge. Easy online portal."

Patrick Wagner

"I Used J Rick last year to control weeds. They did such a great job, this year I added my lawn care. They have already impressed me way beyond the "big box" lawn care (Tru-Green and Lawn Doctor). I can't say enough about the quality and the customer service! Love this LOCAL company!!!!!!."

Lynn Becka

" I was ready to resod my yard the weeds had gotten so bad. A friend recommended I give J. Rick a try. Ever since J. Rick took over maintenance (spring/ fall aeration and steady fertilization) of my lawn it has looked awesome. Friends can't get over how green it is and I have had to water much less than I used to. Thanks for saving my lawn."

Bob And Rachel Sully

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