Deep Root Fertilization

Feed your trees and shrubs so they have the nutrients to flourish no matter your soil conditions.

Colorado Springs Deep Root Fertilization Services

What's Included In Deep Root Fertilization Service?

Deep root fertilization is the best thing that can be done for your trees and shrubs. Soils in Colorado Springs do not have the nutrients available for trees and shrubs to flourish.

Most areas of Colorado Springs were never dense forests or fertile farmland. The reason is that the soils could not support this due to a lack of nutrients.

  • Feeds Trees & Shrubs to provide lush and lively trees and shrubs.
  • Provides Proper Nutrients to help provide essential nutrients into the soil.
  • Balanced Blend of Nitrous, Phosphorus, and Potassium to provide the proper nutrients to maintain strong, healthy plants, vigorous roots development, and active growth throughout the season.
  • Promotes Growth and Strengthens Roots for healthy and strong trees and shrubs


Deep root fertilization can be done in the spring or fall but should be done when the trees are dormant.

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J . Rick offers deep root fertilization to keep your trees healthy.

Tree Care Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary reason for tree decline?

More often than not, improper planting and irrigation are the culprits to tree decline.

Improper planting issues include:

  • Too High/ too deep
  • Wire cages left on
  • Burlap left on
  • Inadequate soil prep around the root ball
  • Trees planted too close together

Irrigation issues:

  • Too much or too little water
  • Off-target watering
  • Change in watering amount based on tree maturity

Small or thin bark trees should be wrapped in the winter months (Thanksgiving to Easter). Water as needed, based on weather conditions.

How long does the tree need to be treated with a microinjection?

Recovery time is at least 2-3 years in ideal conditions (proper soil & irrigation). Disease/fungus typically occur internally in the spring but you may not notice external symptoms until summer.

What our customers have to say

 I have a large yard with many scrub oak trees that shed leaves enough to fill my dry river bed. I used to spend weeks every fall adding bags to my normal trash pickup. Rather than weeks, this job was done in less than 3 hours. Thank you!

Sherm Terry

"I have been using J. Rick Lawn & Tree, Inc. for a number of years to provide a range of services for my lawn and trees including beetle and tree diseases, deep root watering, fertilization, and seeding." I have never experienced anything other than excellent service from the company and its staff. 

William Ferguson

"Always provide great service with great customer communication."

Jason Chalmers

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