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Bed Weed Control

$45 per application*
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Targeted Weed Spraying
  • Spot Spray Weeds and Unwanted Grass
  • 5 Applications per season
  • FREE follow up visits if necessary

Lawn Care Program

$47 per application*
  • Pre and Post Emergent Weed Control (including crabgrass prevention)
  • Controlled Fertilization
  • Use blends targeted for Colorado Springs soils
  • 6 applications per season
  • FREE Weed Control follow up visits if necessary
  • Premium newsletter offering best practices tips

Seasonal Aeration

$53 per application*
  • Removing soil cores
  • Gives your lawn room to breath
  • Allows more air, water, and nutrients to the roots
  • Controls lawn thatch
  • Breaks up compacted soil
  • Prevents certain turf diseases

*price listed is the starting price for lawns that are 2,000 sq ft or less


Lawn Care Program

The Lawn Care Program uses 6 applications through the season to target weeds and fertilize your lawn. J Rick uses locally blended products that are formulated specifically for Colorado Springs' soils and weather conditions.

If your lawn is lush, there will  be no room for weeds to grow. Based on individual lawn conditions, experienced technicians will determine whether the lawn needs a spot or broadcast weed spray.

Soils in the Colorado Springs area lack many essential nutrients needed for grass to grow and for trees and shrubs to flourish. A balanced fertility program is necessary to supplement the lack of nutrients in our soils. Our fertilizers are controlled released to mitigate any potential for burn. This controlled release also give your lawn a consistent feeding for up to 6 weeks.


Pricing is based off of square footage.

  • 0 - 2,000 sq ft - $47/application
  • 2,001 - 4,000 sq ft - $56/application
  • 4,001 - 6,000 sq ft - $68/application


There are a total of 6 applications for the entire season and we schedule every 4-6 weeks.

Applications are scheduled beginning in April/May depending on the weather. Each treatment is scheduled 30-45 days apart.


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Bed Weed Control Program

Scratch "pulling weeds" off your to do list each weekend and spend your time more wisely. We will maintain of those pesky weeds growing in your mulch and rock beds. This service focuses on rock and mulch beds, not lawns.

Due to Colorado Springs' weather conditions, weeds will populate at different times throughout the year. We will spot spray weeds and unwanted grasses to prevent any damage to plant material. The Pre-Emergent we use in the early spring will keep certain weeds from germinating.

We do guarantee our weed control and will offer free follow up visits if necessary.

The locally blended products we use are safe for your pets and kids who will enjoy your healthy yard. 


Pricing is based off of square footage.

  • 0 - 2,000 sq ft - $45/application
  • 2,001 - 4,000 sq ft - $58/application
  • 4,001 - 6,000 sq ft - $74/application


Applications are scheduled beginning in April/May depending on the weather. Each treatment is scheduled 30-45 days apart.


Frequently Asked Questions


Seasonal Aeration

Our Deep core aeration helps reduce soil compaction and improves uptake of water and fertilizer for a healthier lawn.

The process of pulling soil cores out of the ground allows more air, water, and nutrients into the root zone of lawns at the essential time of development. Healthy roots will determine the overall health of your entire lawn. 

How can you know if your lawn needs aeration?

  1. You have difficulty sticking a screwdriver or a pencil into the soil.
  2. Your lawn looks thin, patchy, or bare.
  3. The thatch layer is thicker than one-half inch.
  4. The clay soil is heavy.

Aeration alleviates compaction from kids and pets, increases lawn density with new and deeper roots, and reduces thatch to prevent certain turf diseases.


Pricing is based off of square footage.

  • 0 - 2,000 sq ft - $53/application
  • 2,001 - 4,000 sq ft - $63/application
  • 4,001 - 6,000 sq ft - $75/application


We recommend aerating in the spring - April/May - and fall - August/September - since these are the two most crucial times for root development.


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Turf Disease Control (Fungus)

Due to our poor soils in Colorado Springs, many lawns will develop fungus; the most common one being Necrotic Rings Spot (NRS).

This fungus will thrive in areas with poor drainage.

It is crucial that the fungicide application is applied at the correct times to be effective.

It is recommended that this treatment is continued for a minimum of 3 years, but in some case it could require more, as this fungus is in the soil and has been known to be 8-10’’ down into the soil.

Learn about NRS.

Learn about Ascochyta Leaf Blight.


Pricing is based off of square footage.

  • 0 - 2,000 sq ft - $60/application
  • 2,001 - 4,000 sq ft - $90/application
  • 4,001 - 6,000 sq ft - $180/application


The first application is typically in mid-May when soil temps reach 65 degrees (F) and the second must be applied 21-30 days later. The recommended application duration is at least 3 years.


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Seeding is the process of planting grass seeding directly into existing turf.

Seeding is beneficial to fill in bare patches in the lawn. If there are large dead areas it may be necessary to add topsoil.

Due to our arid conditions in Colorado Springs, seeding is often necessary to repair areas of lawn that were damaged over the winter. Seeding works best when done with aeration.

We offer an aeration/overseed/topdressing package based off the size of your lawn. We also offer aeration and seeding separately.


A price will be quoted for you based on a site evaluation and square footage.


We recommend seeding in the spring - April/May - and fall August/September - in addition to aeration (see previous section).


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I had Jon Rick do my lawn care spraying and reseeding. He did a Great Job! Super product, excellent service and fair price. I found it to be the best value in town! I'm a very satisfied customer.

David Currier (5 OF 5 STARS)

We were pleased with the timing of our aeration (weather-wise) and the timing of the arrival of Tyler on the day....Based on the high level of customer service, honesty, and good aeration job, we will definitely use J. Rick again. 🙂

Charlene M., Flying Horse (5 of 5 STARS)

I want to tell you what an outstanding job you have done on our lawn this year. Last year our front yard was a weed patch and I thought we were going to need to replace all of our lawn, which would have been very expensive. Thankfully, you offered a very cost-friendly solution to get our lawn back in shape. Once again, we have the greenest lawn on the block and at an affordable price! Thanks!

Holly Trinidad, Skyway (5 OF 5 STARS)

Step onto the lawn of your dreams....