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Due to our poor soils in Colorado Springs, many lawns will develop fungus; the most common one being Necrotic Rings Spot (NRS).

This fungus will thrive in areas with poor drainage.

It is crucial that the fungicide application is applied at the correct times to be effective.

It is recommended that this treatment is continued for a minimum of 3 years, but in some case it could require more, as this fungus is in the soil and has been known to be 8-10’’ down into the soil.

Learn about NRS.

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  • 1st Application in mid May. the second must be applied 21-30 days later. The recommended application duration is at least 3 years.


The first application is typically in mid-May

when soil temps reach 65 degrees (F) and the second must be applied 21-30 days later. The recommended application duration is at least 3 years.

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Turf Disease Control Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are the brown spots on my lawn?

Brown spots can be caused by several variables including dog urine burn, a turf disease, or an insect problem. Our technicians will diagnose your lawn and discuss treatment plan options with you.

NRS is a lawn disease that causes patchy dead spots by infecting the roots of your turf. Symptoms will usually appear during July and August despite the disease being fully active May through October. If you start seeing straw like patches getting bigger and forming big donut like rings of brown and yellow sections, your lawn likely has NRS.

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"J. Rick has resurrected my lawn. It went from sparse and brown to full and green over the course of a summer...I highly recommend them!"

Michelle Foster

" Did a great job ridding me of pesky weeds. Excellent customer service and friendly staff."

David Chumbley

" They are knowledgeable, conscientious, thorough, reliable and reasonably priced. Perhaps of greatest value to me has been their willingness to provide consulting and diagnostic services for various problems I have had with diseased/distressed trees, plants and lawn."

William Ferguson

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