Tree Care

Our services ensure growth, vigor, and color that will revitalize your trees and plants.

Deep Root Fertilization

Price will vary.
  • Feeds Trees & Shrubs
  • Provides Proper Nutrients
  • Strengthens Roots
  • Promotes Growth

Winter Watering

Price will vary.
  • Prevents Desiccation
  • Prevents Pest Issues
  • Luscious Green-Up

Tree Micro-Injections

Price will vary.
  • Harmless to Humans, Animals or the Environment
  • Targets 100% of the Problem
  • Alternative to Spraying
  • Saves Mature Trees

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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the best thing that can be done for your trees and shrubs. Soils in Colorado Springs do not have the nutrients available for trees and shrubs to flourish.

Most areas of Colorado Springs were never dense forests or fertile farmland. The reason is that the soils could not support this due to lack of nutrients.

Placing nutrients down in the root zone emulates a forest environment and will slowly feed your trees in times of stress and need.

We feed trees and shrubs with a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to provide the proper nutrients to maintain strong, healthy plants, vigorous roots development and active growth throughout the season.


Prices will vary on size and quantity of trees. A tree care service evaluation will be conducted and you will receive a quote.


Deep root fertilization can be done in the spring or fall, but should be done when the trees are dormant.

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Tree Micro-Injections

Trees often have internal diseases that need to be treated through injections. There are many fungi and bacteria that will affect trees negatively and possibly kill trees. They can be treated through micro-injections which are highly recommended to save mature trees.

Micro-injection targets 100% of the problem internally through the vascular system of the tree. The capsules are self-contained so there is no risk of harm to humans, animals, or the environment.

Learn about Fire Blight tree disease.

Learn about Cytospora Canker.

Learn about IPS Beetles.


Prices will vary on size and quantity of trees. A tree evaluation will be conducted and you will receive a quote.


This is best done after the trees have leafed out, but can be performed any time throughout the growing season. Don't hesitate to call to set up an evaluation or inquire further about our tree care service in Colorado Springs.

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Boring Insect Protection

This is a preventative spray in the early spring to protect your trees against boring insects.

Boring insects are still a major concern along the Front Range as they continue to kill thousands of trees per year. These insects mainly focus on Spruce, Pine and Ash trees, especially ones that are not irrigated and/or stressed.

Learn how Ash Borers damage your trees.


Prices will vary on size and quantity of trees. A tree evaluation will be conducted and you will receive a quote.


Applications are scheduled in late March depending on the weather. We take pride in being a timely and informative tree care service company that can resolve your tree care needs with a scheduled appointment.

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Winter Watering

Protect your tree and property value by keeping it healthy and never too thirsty.

Your trees represent the most expensive investment in your landscape and they only get more valuable over time as they mature.

Winter watering will help prevent against desiccation and possible pest issues. This will also ensure a quicker green-up and healthier landscape in the Spring. Approximately 10 inches of snow is equal to about an inch of water.

We insert a deep root tree irrigator 3-4 below the surface where water is dispensed with numerous injection sites all around the drip line to quench your shrubs and/or trees.


This service depends on the number and size of trees. A tree evaluation will be conducted and you will receive a quote.


This service is scheduled when the area has not received enough moisture during the winter months. We'll send a reminder email to customers so that this is not overlooked.

Typically, winter watering is scheduled (Mid to Late) November, December, January, February, March & April.

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General Insect Spraying

Tree and shrub spraying is necessary when leaf feeding insects are doing damage. The most common insects seen damaging trees in Colorado Springs are Aphids, Mites, and Leafminers.

We schedule three applications during the season to help prevent and/ or control insect infestations on your trees and shrubs.

Learn how Aphids damage your trees.


This service depends on the number and size of trees. A tree evaluation will be conducted and you will receive a quote.


Typically, applications are scheduled in early to late spring, summer, and early fall. Make an appointment with experts in tree service for Colorado Springs, CO ready to eliminate those pesky insects in a safe and timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your questions on local tree service and lawn care!


Great service! When my trees leafed out this past spring they looked fantastic. With this falls fertilization I'm anxious to see how they look next spring. I have recommended you to friends and family.

Ken Evans, Indigo Ranch

 They are knowledgeable, conscientious, thorough, reliable and reasonably priced.  Perhaps of greatest value to me has been their willingness to provide consulting and diagnostic services for various problems I have had with diseased/distressed trees, plants and lawn. There advice has always been very helpful as has the followup to address the problems.  I consider J. Rick Lawn & Tree a very professional operation with high standards and great customer service.  I would unhesitantly recommend them.

William Ferguson, Broadmoor

They did a great job, and all the work was completed in a timely manner and just as Jon said it would be. I received the bill and to my surprise it was less than Jon had originally quoted. That's the opposite of how it usually works! I own and operate a nursery in Colorado Springs, and would recommend their services to anyone.

The deep-root fertilizing is a great way to help establish new trees, and also keep older ones thriving. Highly recommended.”

Levi Heidrich, Heidrich Colorado Tree Farm, Falcon, CO