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Tree Care Services in Colorado Springs for Residential & Commerical Properties

Each of our tree services are meant to keep your trees and shrubs healthy throughout the entire year.

Deep Root Fertilization

Feed your trees and shrubs so they have the nutrients to flourish no matter your soil conditions.

Tree Micro-Injections

Maintain your tree's health and protect it from internal diseases with micro-injections.

Boring Insect Protection

Protect your Spruce, Pine, and Ash trees with professional tree insect applications.

Winter Watering Program

Protect your tree and property value by keeping it healthy and never too thirsty.

General Insect Spraying Program

Keep harmful pests off your favorite tree and scrubs this season with insect spraying.

Need Help with your Lawn?

J. Rick offers a variety of lawn services to help keep your grass healthy year round.

What our customers have to say

They did a great job, and all the work was completed in a timely manner and just as Jon said it would be. I received the bill and to my surprise it was less than Jon had originally quoted. That's the opposite of how it usually works! I own and operate a nursery in Colorado Springs, and would recommend their services to anyone.

The deep-root fertilizing is a great way to help establish new trees, and also keep older ones thriving. Highly recommended.”

Levi Heidrich

"Always provide great service with great customer communication."

Jason Chalmers

I have a large yard with many scrub oak trees that shed leaves enough to fill my dry river bed. I used to spend weeks every fall adding bags to my normal trash pickup. Rather than weeks, this job was done in less than 3 hours. Thank you!

Sherm Terry

Lawn Care Services: What we do (and don't do)

Deep root tree & shrub fertilization

Deep root tree & shrub watering

Tree fungus & disease control

Tree & shrub insect control

Prune Trees & Shrubs

Remove Trees/Stumps

Plant Trees