Winter Watering Program

Protect your tree and property value by keeping
it healthy and never too thirsty.

Colorado Springs Winter Watering Programs

What's Included In A Winter Watering Program?

Your trees represent the most expensive investment in your landscape and they only get more valuable over time as they mature.

Winter watering will help prevent against desiccation and possible pest issues. This will also ensure a quicker green-up and healthier landscape in the Spring. Approximately 10 inches of snow is equal to about an inch of water.

  • We insert a deep root tree irrigator 3-4 below the surface where water is dispensed with numerous injection sites all around the drip line to quench your shrubs and/or trees.


This service is scheduled when the area has not received enough moisture during the winter months. We'll send a reminder email to customers so that this is not overlooked.

Typically, winter watering is scheduled (Mid to LateNovember, December, January, February, March & April.

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Winter Watering Services Colorado

Tree Care Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary reason for tree decline?

More often than not, improper planting and irrigation are the culprits to tree decline.

Improper planting issues include:

  • Too High/ too deep
  • Wire cages left on
  • Burlap left on
  • Inadequate soil prep around the root ball
  • Trees planted too close together

Irrigation issues:

  • Too much or too little water
  • Off-target watering
  • Change in watering amount based on tree maturity

Small or thin bark trees should be wrapped in the winter months (Thanksgiving to Easter). Water as needed, based upon weather conditions.

How long does the tree need to be treated with a micro-injection?

Recovery time is at least 2-3 years in ideal conditions (proper soil & irrigation). Disease/fungus typically occur internally in the spring but you may not notice external symptoms until summer.

What our customers have to say

J Rick has great customer service and I like how professional they operate. Unlike many lawn care companies, they provide me with invoices, regular maintenance, a service plan, etc. If you are looking for a professional lawn care company, they are the best in town.

Holly Trinidad

"Great service! When my trees leafed out this past spring they looked fantastic. With this falls fertilization I'm anxious to see how they look next spring. I have recommended you to friends and family."

Ken Evans

" They are knowledgeable, conscientious, thorough, reliable and reasonably priced. Perhaps of greatest value to me has been their willingness to provide consulting and diagnostic services for various problems I have had with diseased/distressed trees, plants and lawn."

William Ferguson

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