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Breathe life back into your lawn with our expert seeding services available in Spring or Fall.

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What's Included In A Seeding Service?

Seeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into existing turf.

  • Seeding is beneficial to fill in bare patches in the lawn. If there are large dead areas it may be necessary to add topsoil.
  • Due to our arid conditions in Colorado Springs, seeding is often necessary to repair areas of lawn that were damaged over the winter. Seeding works best when done with aeration.
  • We offer an aeration/overseed/topdressing package based off the size of your lawn. We also offer aeration and seeding separatel



We recommend seeding in the spring – April/May – and fall – August/September – in addition to aeration (see previous section).

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Lawn Seeding Services Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for the seeds to germinate?

It can take 3 weeks for the seeds to root into the soil and germinate. It is crucial to continue watering your lawn during this time to prevent the seeds from drying out and dying.

Grass seed germinates best when daytime air temperatures are 60-75 degrees (F) leaving the soil temperatures at 50-65 degrees (F).

Should i seed my lawn or completely replace it?

The answer to the quick will vary due to different site factors, such as irrigation, the state of the current turf, and other factors.

New sod or seed always needs to be watered 2-3 times daily for the first 3-4 weeks.

The main goal is to keep everything moist and not let the lawn and the seeds dry out; 3-4 weeks of recommended watering will allow proper germination of the seed.

Watering always depends on the amount of sun, wind & shade that the area receives, so please adjust times accordingly.

Do I need to keep kids and pets off of new seed?

Do your best to minimize any traffic until after the new seed has become established. This can take 3-4 weeks.

What our customers have to say

"J. Rick has resurrected my lawn. It went from sparse and brown to full and green over the course of a summer...I highly recommend them!"

Michelle Foster
Mountain Shadows

"Great service! When my trees leafed out this past spring they looked fantastic. With this falls fertilization I'm anxious to see how they look next spring. I have recommended you to friends and family."

Ken Evans
Indigo Ranch

" They are knowledgeable, conscientious, thorough, reliable and reasonably priced. Perhaps of greatest value to me has been their willingness to provide consulting and diagnostic services for various problems I have had with diseased/distressed trees, plants and lawn."

William Ferguson

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