Summer is here, Get ahead of the heat!

Now that we are starting to have temperatures of 80+ degrees, it is important to understand summer watering best practices.

It is important that you are watering consistently and also at the right times. Please keep in mind that roads, sidewalks and rock beds are heat conductors. This will cause water to evaporate quickly and not get to the root systems where it is needed. This is why you may have be noticing grass edges that look dried out. With high temperatures and winds, lawns lose 1.5-2” of moisture per week through evapotranspiration.  This means, to maintain a healthy lawn, you must replenish that amount of water.

Watering tips

You should be watering 3-4 days per week, but if highs are consistently in the 90’s, you will want to water every other day.  Water early morning only, do not split your time between morning and evening.  This creates shallow roots, and allows for more weeds to germinate.  Water in 2-3 back to back cycles early morning, before 9am.  Rotor heads should run for 45-50 minutes and stationary pop ups should run for 25-30 minutes total time. This will allow time for the water to soak in and push down further in the root system.

Example: You have 4 pop-up stations and 3 rotor zones.  The pop-up stations should be set to run for 9 min each cycle and rotors 16 minutes.  The total run time per cycle would be roughly 1 hour and 24 minutes.  You would want to set your 3 start times for 4am, 5:30am, and 7am.  Watering should always be finished by 9am.


Ascochyta Leaf Blight

Kentucky Bluegrass thrives between 55-85 degrees.  If we encounter sustained temperatures above or below those marks, the grass will sometimes try to go into dormancy to conserve nutrients.  This is a natural occurrence and most of the time will be called Ascochyta Leaf Blight.  This issue is identified by pinched tips on the grass blades that brown out from the top down.   With proper watering, this typically goes away within 10-14 days from the initial appearance.  Please click on link below for more information.