What’s happening with my grass?!

We have received some pretty nice rain storms in the past few weeks which has been great for your lawn, plants and trees. Everything is looking much greener! However, cool and moist weather and fluctuating temperatures can cause issues with fungus which we have been noticing in our area – Ascochyta Leaf Blight.

Ascochyta Leaf Blight:

We have started to see a lot of a fungus called Ascochyta Leaf Blight. This condition occurs during hot, dry periods followed by cool and rainy periods. The good news about this issue is that it is not a root disease, so it is unlikely that any death of grass blades will occur. The problem usually goes away within 14-21 days of the initial appearance, with no recommended treatments. Make sure your mower blades are sharp, and try not to mow when the grass is wet or in the heat of the day. Click the link for more information and management tips – CSU Extension: Ascochyta Leaf Blight

Necrotic Ring Spot:

This fungus thrives during heavy
rains, and cool/moist weather. This problem occurs in the root zone and appears in small, dead circles in the top growth of your lawn. The best time to treat this disease will be early in the spring when soil temperatures reach 65 degrees, with a follow up application 14-21 days later. These areas can be raked out, re-seeded, and top-dressed to try and promote new growth; however this will also mask the issue. Fungicide treatments next spring are highly recommended to solve the problem. Click the link for more information and management tips – CSU Extension: Necrotic Ring Spot